Anonymously share with OnionShare



The motto of OnionShare is ‘Privacy + Productivity.’ This open-source tool helps users who need to securely and anonymously share files, host websites, and chat with friends. OnionShare utilizes the Tor network to enable P2P encrypted file-sharing function operates like an anonymous dropbox, allowing you to share and receive your files containing sensitive information securely.

To host a static website, there's no need to set up a server. OnionShare handles it for you by starting a web server locally on your computer and making it accessible to others as a Tor onion service. If you wish to discuss confidential information off the record using OnionShare, you can set up secret temporary chat rooms that can scale to hundreds of participants. People can join the chat room by loading the generated session OnionShare address in Tor Browser. When someone joins the chat room they get assigned a random name.Your conversations will be end-to-end encrypted and won't require you to create an account.

A key thing to note about some OnionShare functionality is that it JavasScript, so everyone who wants to participate in joint chat meetings must have their Tor Browser security level set to “Standard” or “Safer”, instead of “Safest”.


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