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FindTor is a search engine designed for discovering deep web onion services with a quick way to access darknet pages. FindTor also hosts a clearnet version on which enables users to see blended search results containing darknet onions and clearnet results. Unlike conventional search engines like Google or Bing, FindTor mostly focuses on unindexed content that mainstream search engines have ignored.

By utilizing FindTor, users gain access to a wealth of information hosted on the anonymous network, encompassing websites, forums, marketplaces, and other hidden services. Whether one seeks uncensored news sources, rare books, or other illicit activities.

FindTor's search layout boasts a minimalistic and user-friendly interface. The homepage only shows a search box, avoiding additional clutter or features that may distract users. Notably, some of the popular .onion sites maintained and frequently visited via FindTor include:

TORREZ is a marketplace facilitating transactions with Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin, and Zcash. It offers various physical and digital goods, such as drugs, software, and credit cards.

TOR2DOOR markets were launched in June 2020, prioritizing security and usability for both experienced and inexperienced darknet users.

Kingdom Market is a relatively new darknet market established in April 2021, featuring a unique and intuitive site design. It focuses on user safety and security, although it lacks certain preferred features like direct pay purchases and multi-sig options.

Versus was established in 2019, Versus gained popularity due to its user-friendly interface and robust security measures. It offers a range of digital goods and services, including illicit drugs, software, malware, and fraud-related services. With over 8,400 listings and 500 English-speaking vendors, it supports Bitcoin transactions.

Onion Link  http://findtorroveq5wdnipkaojfpqulxnkhblymc7aramjzajcvpptd4rjqd.onion/