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What is the Hidden Wiki?

The Hidden Wiki is a well-known Tor hidden service that operates on the .onion domain, which can only be accessed using Tor. The wiki database was first accessible in 2007 and gained notoriety for providing a link directory to other hidden services, including those offering illegal activities for hire. The wiki also contained links to sites hosting abuse content, making it a hub for nefarious activity.

In 2011, a more extensive version of the Hidden Wiki was formed and gained popularity for its depth of illegal content. It was hosted on Freedom Hosting until it was hacked in March 2014 and redirected to Doxbin. Following this incident, the content began to be mirrored to more locations due to frequent downtime. During Operation Onymous in November 2014, law enforcement compromised its Bulgarian hosting, and the site down page served a message from law enforcement.

Today, there are several .onion websites hosting mirrors of the Hidden Wiki. Some of these mirrors were launched in order to filter links to abusive content. Given the association of the Hidden Wiki with illegal activities, it's important to exercise caution and use discretion when browsing.

Onion Link  http://hiddenwwiqg2jb5s3wyvzxeipcl5ese2pa2cqnu6myi3d5bcmhmdagqd.onion