Dread forum on Tor


What is Dread forum on Tor?

Dread is a popular community hub that has been described as a "Reddit-style forum". it gained notoriety as a successor to the seized DeepDotWeb for discussions around market law enforcement activity and scams. It garnered further attention in 2018 when several darknet market discussion communities were banned on Reddit, and Dread rapidly grew to 12,000 registered users within three months of its launch, reaching more than 15,000 users by July of the same year.

In September 2019, the platform experienced a temporary outage when the founder's dead man switch, a safety tool used by mods, was triggered. This led to speculation that the site may have been compromised by a third party or law enforcement agency. However, it was later revealed that the outage was due to a server failure, and the platform was reinstated with a revamped user interface in November of the same year. Despite this incident, Dread remains active as of September 2022 and continues to serve as a hub for discussions on the dark web.

In April 2020 Dread launched the Tor search engine Recon, developed by HugBunter, along with the formation of what is now known as the Dread Network. The network is composed of Daunt, Dread, and Recon with more onion services under development. All services are now built on anti-DDoS infrastructure, giving Dread a lead over state or malicious actors.

While Dread can be a safe space for discussing sensitive topics, it is important to exercise caution and avoid engaging in any illegal or harmful behavior. The anonymous nature of the dark web can attract individuals and groups involved in illegal activities, and users should remain vigilant to ensure their safety and security.

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