Haystak Search


Haystak Darknet Search

Haystak is a main search engine for the Tor ecosystem and a reliable discovery tool with minimal Onion service downtime. Haystak claims to have the deepest index with over 1.5 billion pages and 260,000 onion services. Some of these 260,000 sites are now archived due to downtime or Onion service sunsetting.

Haystak search engine like most other Tor search engines has a minimalist design to optimize for load time on the Tor network. The header on the home page simply displays its signature needle in a haystack logo and a search bar.

With Haystak premium, you’ll lose advertisements and gain additional insights into historical versions of websites similar to the wayback machine for clearnet sites. In addition, it allows for advanced searches using regular expressions and searching via API. Haystak's free version will serve ads on the home page or above search results.