Grams Search Engine


Grams Search Engine

Grams, a Tor-based darknet market search engine, was launched in April 2014. Serving as a gateway to a variety of darknet markets, Grams enabled users to search for items like drugs and weapons. It also offered a Bitcoin tumbling service known as Helix to obscure transaction trails.

Innovative Features of Original Grams

On December 9, 2017, the Grams administrator announced the discontinuation of all services, including Helix. The reasons for the shutdown were not disclosed. This event marked the end of the original Grams' influence in the darknet market sphere.

The 2023 Revival of Grams

In 2023, a new Grams search engine emerged, tailored for the Onion Network. While it retains the core feature of searching darknet markets, there are uncertainties regarding its affiliation with the original Grams and the level of anonymity and security it offers.

Navigating the Dark Web with Caution

It is crucial to acknowledge the risks associated with the dark web. Users should prioritize their privacy and security while navigating these domains. The evolution of Grams highlights the dynamic nature of darknet markets and the ongoing challenges in ensuring digital security and anonymity.