DeepPaste is a simple yet powerful tool for sharing text on the dark web⁵. It operates as a hidden service within the Tor network, providing users with the ability to share text anonymously and securely⁵. With the recent deprecation of V2 onion services, Deeppaste has transitioned to the more secure and longer V3 .onion links.

Deeppaste is essentially a pastebin for the dark web. It allows users to share text snippets, much like traditional pastebin services, but with an added layer of anonymity and security provided by the Tor network. Users can create public or private pastes, with public pastes being listed in a public database.

Deeppaste offers several features that make it a valuable tool for dark web users. One of these is the public index of the last public pastes, which allows users to see what others have shared. There's also a top public pastes feature, essentially a top 100 most rated pastes. Additionally, Deeppaste offers a sticky paste feature, which allows anyone to sticky post their text for an additional small fee.

The Tor Project has deprecated V2 onion services in favor of the more secure V3 .onion links. This transition has led to many dark web services, including Deeppaste, switching to V3 .onion links. The new V3 .onion links are longer and offer improved security over the older V2 links.

Overall,  Deeppaste Onion V3 is a valuable tool for anyone looking to share text securely and anonymously on the dark web. Its transition to V3 .onion links ensures that it continues to provide a secure platform for its users in line with the latest security standards set by the Tor Project.