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Anonymous browsing and no tracking


Privacy isn’t just important to us, it’s our philosophy that it’s a human right. Privacy shelters us from the efforts of commercial and government actors to render us and communities uniformed, transparent, and predictable. Privacy allows for personal boundary management through which self-discovery and the capacity for self-reflection can develop.

At Torry, we are a distributed team with backgrounds in engineering, search, business, and design. The Torry team is passionate about accelerating the adoption of privacy technology and believe in its potential to be a liberating force in the world.

It is our mission to enable everyone to search securely and privately online. That’s why we are building this search engine, Torry, with one-click access to the Tor Network. Searching the internet in private is a basic necessity, it gives people the freedom to explore every thought and idea without the fear of being prosecuted for it.

We anticipate that over time, awareness of the fundamentally disruptive nature of private online search and browsing will cause some to see this technology as a threat. Some will claim that this technology is too disruptive, and we will face adversity. Persistence and a healthy long-term focus will see us through any challenge that we face.

Together we will take back the privacy that belongs to us and change the Internet for the better. Because privacy matters. Start searching with Torry today!