About Us

Bottom Line
Anonymous browsing and no tracking


Torry's Mission

Torry is led by a group of privacy-focused developers and designers who are committed to making Tor more accessible to a wider audience. In today's world, surveillance is a growing concern for most internet users, with ISP spying, normalized corporate tracking, and nation-state hacks.

The team at Torry is a big proponent that the strength of Tor's privacy protections increases with wider adoption. In 2023, pinpointing a Tor user across tens of millions of active devices has become increasingly difficult. This is due in part to Tor exit node expansion, the growing network of the Tor developer ecosystem, and the increasing number of active Torry mobile browser devices. We're excited to be helping Tor's Strength in Numbers initiative.

A critical first step for Torry was to simplify the Tor educational and onboarding process. That's why Torry first launched with one-click access to Onion sites directly from search, giving first-time users a glimpse into the power of Tor. Torry search has been a great stepping stone into more hardened technology, such as our Tor browser, which anonymizes all browsing.

As the awareness of the disruptive nature of Tor-enabled browsing and search grows, we expect it to reach a broader audience. Together with Tor developers, Torry plans to engage communities, enabling them to reclaim their privacy and making anonymous browsing more accessible to mainstream users.